The Uncommon Road welcom image with TheSchaber FamilyWelcome to The Uncommon Road!

We’re glad you stumbled upon us. Now that you’re here what can you expect to find? Well for starters, kindred spirits. You see we feel that all of our roads are Uncommon, some a bit more than others, but hey who are we to judge. Merriam Webster defines uncommon as: not often found, seen, or experienced; remarkable or exceptional.

Each one of us is diverse and unique in our own way. There are always similarities, like hair or eye color, but we are all inherently different.

So yes, we are uncommon . . . but so are you. We just wanted to share a little of our uncommon with you. We have a story to tell and by putting it out there we hope that you will be inspired, encouraged, and even a little entertained.

You may find that you are not that crazy after all. There are other crazies out there with you (namely us).


-The Schabers


The Uncommon Road west to Texas feature image
West to Texas
The last you heard from us was in South Carolina. Well, if you’ve popped by our FB page in the
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The Uncommon Road Inexpensive RV Items cover image
12 Inexpensive RV Items That Will Keep You Sane
RV owners love their gadgets. I know this because I love my gadgets. But this isn’t a post about all
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RV Adventure Unscripted
I’m writing this from the parking lot of the Fred’s Dollar Grocery, the same parking lot shared with a Tractor
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The Uncommon Road: Installing an RV Washer Dryer Combo
[We drilled a hole in our RV] Installing an RV Washer
If you ever spend a considerable amount of time in an RV, you’ll soon realize how quickly laundry can pile
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