48-Hour RVers (RV Newbies)

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It’s official . . . we are professional full-time RVers.  Ahahhahahaha, no we’re not! We don’t have a clue what we are doing . . . but, we’re doing it with style, and we’re doing it in an RV. We’ve really cut our RVing teeth by being 48-Hour RVers (aka RV Newbies).

The Uncommon Road graphic for 48-Hour RVers: fifth-wheel boondocking
This was our first official night out: Boondocking at General RV for service.


Yes, we have been officially full-time 48-hour RVers, but that really only means we are utter RV newbies. Sure, there are a few lessons we have learned, but the best thing is the mental freedom of knowing we have finally seen this dream become a reality.


48-Hour RVers


In the last 48-hours, we’ve:

  • Hooked up the truck and fifth-wheel for the very first time- This was fairly uneventful. I got in the truck, put it in reverse, and nailed the kingpin (like a boss) on the very first try. True story!
  • Pulled a fifth-wheel for the first time- This was fun . . . in a semi-nerve wracking kind of way. Not so much of a big deal going straight, interesting while compensating wider turning radius for the wheel offset. FYI, right turns can get dicey (so now I give things a wide berth).
  • Boondocked on our very first night. We stayed at the service center of the dealership we purchased the RV from (longish story there, stay tuned). More like semi-boondocking. We had a 50-amp electric hookup, plus I filled the fresh water tank before we left. Pulled the blinds, and you never know you are parked under a service center awning.
  • Towed the fifth-wheel down the interstate, in the rain. It wasn’t a full-on downpour, but still enough water to make us cautious. Slow is smooth, smooth is safe!
  • Backed into our first official reserved site- Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I piloted Monty and Beastie in reverse, into our site. Don’t be fooled, it wasn’t a one-and-done event, more like a threes step process. But, we got things in and level without causing any damage . . . I’m counting that a win for our first back-in experience.


What’s Next?


That is a question we keep asking ourselves, along with a couple others. What else? What next? Where to?

Currently, we are at Bill Frederick park in Orlando. We’ll be here until Father’s Day, then head back closer to home where we lived before (work obligations). After that . . . things are still in the air.

I know, I know, we have very little RVing ground to stand on and begin making witty or profound proclamations . . . since we are only RV newbies. But, this lifestyle is already freeing us from some of those long-held mental barriers we have had.

So yeah, we’ve been at this RV thing for a whopping 48-hours. We have barely scratched the surface of what it means to be RVers, yet we have already learned so much.

We’re probably in the ballpark of 96-hour RVers by the time this post goes up, so our experience has already doubled . . . boom!

Feel free to share your newbie RV experiences in the comments.






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6 Responses

  1. Travis

    We “launched” on May 22nd! Currently we are in Montana (Glacier National Park) and are loving it so far… we have a lot of experience camping in an RV so I think it transition was a lot easier than most… but the downsizing was brutal and stressful. But we got it done! Good luck and remember go with the flow… don’t sweat the small stuff and if no one dies, its all small…

    • Lou

      Hey Travis! Thanks for the good advice. Yeah, sweating small stuff is not our style, but I can see how that would be much more important living in an RV. Can’t wait to get up to Glacier, it will probably be next summer for us. Best of luck in your travels too.

  2. Sigfried Trent

    Congratulations folks! Welcome to the life, and may your travels be safe and fulfilling. Making your ambitions come true is a great joy.

    • Lou

      Thanks so much Sig! It’s been a long journey getting here, but definitely worth it. Been taking notes from all your posts, so feeling pretty confident. Thanks from being some of the ones who have paved the way.

  3. Pauline

    I just found your blog today and look forward to reading through it and watching your future adventures. Looks like you did well on the first night out!

    • Lou

      Hey Pauline. Yes, we not only made it through the first night, but the remainder of the week at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando. Awesome place to stay if in the area.

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