RV Adventure Unscripted

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I’m writing this from the parking lot of the Fred’s Dollar Grocery, the same parking lot shared with a Tractor Supply and Mexican Cantina. Our truck is 30 miles away at the mechanic’s. Uber doesn’t exist in this part of Tennessee. I’m not even certain Google can pinpoint us. The local police department has given us permission to squat boondock here until the truck is fixed. It’s been our home for the last 24-hours. Welcome to our adventure unscripted.

The Uncommon Road's RV adventure unscripted image of fifth-wheel boondocking in a parking lot
Our current resting place

RV Adventure Unscripted

I know this all sounds a bit daunting, not something one would intentionally itemize on a bucket list. Yet, here we are living the dream.

You are not mistaken. I said dream.

We needed to shake things up. So, we seized the opportunity to embark on a crazy new journey of full-time RVing. Yup, we knew for certain that we were in store for adventure. We just didn’t realize how unscripted that adventure could be.


Where it All Went Wrong Right

As cliché as it may sound, life really is full of adventure. The takeaway is just how we interpret whatever it is that is going on at the moment.

Since we hitched-up and rolled-out in June, there have been plenty of adventures. We’ve meet amazing new friends over late-night bonfires and s’mores, tubed rivers, swam with dolphins, kayaked lakes, escaped hurricanes, spelunked (v: past tense of spelunking), and a whole lot more. These adventures are easily recognized as positive moments.

Guess what? There have been other adventures that have cropped up as well. These are the ones I call adventure unscripted. We didn’t pencil them onto the calendar, they generally pop-up at inconvenient times, and can be a royal pain. BUT, they have also led to some awesome people and given us even more cool stories.

The Uncommon Road's RV adventure unscripted image of tow truck pulling truck and fifth-wheel
I bet towing that mess was an adventure

The fact is that we signed up for this, we’re intentional about jumping into this daring life, and generally just wanted to explore the country in an RV. We’ve set ourselves up perfectly, it’s just that sometimes these unscripted adventures pop-up out of nowhere.


In the Midst of Unscripted Adventure

At the moment, we’re in the middle of one of these unscripted adventures. This perspective isn’t as much fun, but I’m positive we’ll get a good laugh out of it in the days to come.

You see, the moment the truck broke down yesterday:

  • We had a Good Samaritan stop and give us the number of his diesel mechanic.
  • The police department gave us the thumbs-up for the safest area to park for the night.
  • A woman pulled up and offered to have us towed to her house, where she said she had a huge yard to park a fifth-wheel (we gratefully declined).
  • The tow truck driver offered to pick us up groceries, propane, or anything else we needed (we didn’t need anything).

None of the above would have happened without the truck failure. It is all connected.

So yeah, we’re a little stuck at the moment. A day-and-a-half behind on our travel schedule. Roughing it in a parking lot.

But guess what? We have our house, all our possessions (minus the truck), and each other. Life is just fine.

This is just another of those moments of adventure unscripted, that is what is so cool about life. We chose this, chose this method of travel, and are rolling with all that comes with it.

Here’s to more memories!

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  1. Ferg

    Making lemons out of lemonade. The best memories, adventures, stories come from the unexpected. Hopefully you won’t be broken down for too long through.

    • Lou

      Absolutely, that’s one of the things we quickly realized about this lifestyle . . . always making lemonade. We were only stranded for a day, then pushed on to GA and SC without any other issues.

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