Slow RV: Our Soft Launch Approach

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That’s right, we’re cruising down the highway in the right lane. We are now those people. The rig puttering along, causing everyone else to go around. We are the slow RV.

But this isn’t about our new-found driving habits. Rather, it is about the path we chose when we launched out into this great new world of full-time RVing. We took a soft launch approach when we were finally ready to hit the road.


The Fast Build-Up


Remember when we said that things would go into overdrive as soon as this thing became a reality? Well, that is exactly what happened.

Within a two-week span we purchased all the essentials to be full-time RVers: the RV (Monty), the truck (Beastie), and lots of other whatnot. We also drastically downsized what we had in our sticks and bricks, while preparing it for the new resident. It was a crazy and frenetic two-week period.

Things were moving so quick, and we kept moving up our launch date. We initially planned to be on the road by the end of July, then it was the end of June, and our official launch day was June 12th.


The Slow RV Launch


“Holy Uncanny Photographic Mental Processes, Batman!” This is our one-month Nomadiversarry!

Where has the time gone, and what have we done with it?

For starters, we took a slow approach when it came to our RV launch.

Instead of hitching up and rolling out of state (like we want to), we’ve been milling about Central Florida. The reason for this was two-fold:

  • First, we still had a few obligations that needed to be met. Mainly some work and a few projects around the sticks and bricks.
  • Secondly, there were a couple doctor appointments that had already been scheduled.
  • Thirdly, and this is pure bonus, we don’t have a clue what we are doing . . . I mean really, living in an RV . . . we’re flying driving by the seat of our pants. It’s amazing!

Don’t fret, we are definitely enjoying our time and new-found slow RV lifestyle. This has been a great transition period to learn the ropes and get our RV legs (if that is even a thing).

Slow Rv: Our Soft Launch Approach logo with RV silhouette


Day 1


Our first day of official RVing (remember, June 12th) had us hooking-up for the very first time, and toting our new home-on-wheels to the dealership.

It was actually pretty darn cool. Now, I wouldn’t make a habit of boondocking at and RV dealership service center on a regular basis, but it showed us how comfortable we are in our new home.

Uncommon Road image of fifth-wheel and truck parked under General RV awning

I mean really, we were parked under a service awning, enjoying a take-out dinner, watching employees going home for the night. The next morning, sipping a solid French Press coffee at the dinette, we got to watch those same folks come back into work for the day.

We didn’t have to go anywhere . . . home was with us.


Week 1


Sure, we took a soft launch approach, but we didn’t have to do it from the driveway of our sticks and bricks. Instead, we booked five days at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando.

Not only could we unplug and sort this whole RV lifestyle out, but we were also there to enjoy just being a family in a new environment.

The learning curve wasn’t nearly as steep as I figured. Maybe it was the two-years of research and prep, maybe it was our wicked-awesome MacGyver skills, but most likely it’s just because we are blessed.

TheUncommonRoad at Bill Frederick Park Orlando. Image of fifth-wheel and truck parked.
Chillin at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando

This was a great week to absorb our new living conditions, learn the nuances of living in a 300 sq. ft. home on wheels, and develop a system to make this life sustainable.

It was also a great week to relax.


Weeks 2-4


Back to those obligations and appointments I mentioned.

We actually talked a 55+ community in allowing us to stay for a week, which turned into two, and then morphed into three. Definitely slow RV during this time.

The park was completely out-of-season, so they were more than happy to let us pick any site we wanted. Bonus, they charged us about half of their out-of-season rates . . . so that explains the extra couple weeks. It just made sense.

Image of the uncommon road fifth-wheel and truck parked on lucky charm dr.
Magically Delicious!

We put the time to good use. After living in the RV full-time there were some changes we wanted to make. Being stationary for a few weeks allowed us to tackle some projects without the pressure of being rushed to move somewhere else.

Image of installed Splendide wx2100 washer/dryer combo for RVJust ask Tricia how she likes the washer/dryer combo we installed.

Plus, we were able to still connect with friends and family, share some meals, and work out the next leg of our journey.

Those three weeks can be summed up as a time of accomplishment.


Week 5


We are currently parked at Thousand Trails Orlando in Clermont, FL. We’ve booked for three weeks, but will likely be headed to Georgia this weekend.

Yes, we’re still in Florida, but now we are ready and able to move on. This is a nice layover until we begin heading north for a bit.

There isn’t much to say yet, we’ve only been here a couple days. The park suits our needs, has a pool and putt-putt for Nevaeh, and there seem to be a good number of families here.

We’re done with the big projects, just finding our rhythm.

What’s Next?

I’d love to say that as soon as we leave Florida, we’ll be all over the place. But alas, I cannot. We have to be back for a few final obligations the last couple weeks of August.

But that doesn’t mean we have to stay in Florida until then. Oh contraire, we’ll be cruising into Georgia to catch up with some friends and take in some new sights.

Following that, we’ll be rolling into Tennessee to visit some family, hang out in the Smoky Mountains, and hike some waterfalls.

Who knows, we may even scoot into the Carolinas for a few days.


For Now


For now, we are just going to roll. Roll with the slow RV pace until we really get a handle of things. We’re not going to stay put or be complacent, but are going to be intentional with our time and the opportunities that present themselves.

Thanks for letting us share the process with you. To uncommon adventures!


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  1. Bill & Ellen

    Congratulations on your new lifestyle. How about a little personal information? How many in your family? What made you choose this Lifestyle? Your ages? Bucket list? Goals? Your blog was very interesting, keep it coming. Home is where you park it!

    • Lou

      Hey Bill & Ellen,
      So glad you enjoyed the post. A little backstory should be on the “about us” page, unless the interweb gremlins tampered with it.

      We’re a family of three (9 y.o. daughter) just looking to enjoy the new direction we are moving in. No swing for the fence bucket list items yet, just to make the most of every opportunity.

      Thanks for dropping in,

  2. Vicki Schrader-Carpenter

    I’m so excited for you and this adventure. You are brave and bold. I have to say I feel very proud of you both ..having known you for a few years and seen how you have embraced life in such a great an amazing way!! Give Nevaeh a hug from me please. Go for it!!! Live your dreams.

    • Lou

      Hey Vicki,
      Glad to hear from you! Yes, this is an amazing adventure that we’ve been dreaming about for a while. We’ll be keeping you as up-to-date as possible. Also, Nevaeh says HI.

  3. Mary Gilstrap

    Great post, hope I can follow your adventures. Enjoy the journey!

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