State of Uncommon: April Wrap-Up

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It is hard to believe that we are now in the month of May. Where has the time gone? If we gave the April Wrap-Up a different title, it would be Hurry Up and Wait. The past month has seen an increased focus on the continued project of downsizing, while still waiting for the right moment to jump into our full-time adventures.

Time to roll out the April Wrap-Up

To get you started, here’s a recent post about how we are scaling back while embracing more of a minimalist mindset.

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s jump in to the nitty gritty.

RV Fund

So yeah, the RV fund is still with us. Phew, thought it was gone there for a moment!

I’ve even got a couple numbers to toss out there for ya.

Bills:   $279

Coins: $22.37 Includes a Sacagawea coin. No idea where that came from, but Nevaeh is routinely trying to procure it for her coin collection (don’t worry, we won’t deny her).

April Total: $301.37

I can’t really explain the comings and goings of the funds, so for that I apologize. I’ll try to tighten up my accounting methods for May.

Awesome Jar

Here’s a few highlights from April:

  • Spent the day with extended family at Busch Gardens (even saw some baby kangaroos!)
  • We toured Costco
    • This may seem inconsequential, but we’ve been long-time Sam’s members. Well, Costco recently moved into the neighborhood, and all I can say is they have some new converts.
  • Continuing to rid ourselves of stuff . . . hooray
  • Tricia reconfigured her job to be fully remote

At first glance this list seems a little weak, yet it continues to show our forward momentum as we continue to wrap things up here in Florida.

Window Shopping

We recently had to walk away from one of our favorite pastimes . . . RV window shopping.

The point has finally come where we know exactly what we want (size, floorplan, budget), but we’re just out of reach of being able to make it happen.

So we’ve taken a step back. Not in the sense that we are giving up on this dream, just that to window shop now leans more toward disappointment then the expectation.

We’ve written about how spending a day at the RV dealership has helped to keep this dream alive. But this is a new point we’ve discovered in this whole process of moving towards a full-time RV lifestyle.

Feel free to check out our thoughts on RV Window Shopping.

Looking Forward

So that’s where we’re at. Short and sweet

We’re looking ahead to some big developments for the month of May, so we’ll continue to keep you posted.

Thanks for letting us take you along on this crazy adventure!

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