The Uncommon Road State of Uncommon Title Page GraphicWhat is the State of Uncommon?

The State of Uncommon is a monthly update of where we are at and what we are doing. We’ll be sharing with you the progress we have made, decisions we are considering, and lessons we may have learned.

At the beginning of each month, we’ll be reviewing what was accomplished during the previous month. This will be a short note of where we are in this crazy dream, and anything else of significance.

There will be an accompanied blog post, but we want to give you a snapshot of the present state of The Uncommon Road.

We implemented a few things that we spoke about in our New Year’s post. Primarily, the Awesome Jar and the RV Fund (aka Mason). We’ll be listing how each of these projects are shaping up.

Again, this is for the purpose of being intentional in pursuing this goal.

So let’s begin!


State of Uncommon January Wrap-Up image

Awesome Jar

  1. Family here for visit
  2. RV Supershow in Tampa
  3. Nevaeh’s birthday- She got to pet a penguin

RV Fund

We’ve managed to sell a couple small items, empty out our change stashes, and even did a bit of tutoring.

So far we are up to $161.23

You can read the full report HERE . . .


Uncommon Road: State of Uncommon February 2017


Awesome Jar

  • Nevaeh’s birthday weekend (yes, she gets a whole weekend). We spent a couple days in Orlando
  • Having some awesome folks over for an evening of food and a bonfire: check our post on it here – finding community
  • A day at Hillsborough State Park, trying to hone learn some photography skills

RV Fund

Sold a wee bit of stuff . . . downsizing will most likely require a bonfire. Another bit of tutoring, and even more change . . . I can’t even imagine where Nevaeh is finding all these coins. * Side note: 4 pounds of coins equals about 36 bucks!

So far we are up to $404.68 . . . Boom!

Check out the full report of February HERE . . .



Uncommon Road: State of Uncommon March 2017


Awesome Jar

RV Fund

I’m going to take a little liberty here and just say that this fund is growing and contracting at a consistent clip.

Growing– We keep adding to it whenever possible.

Contracting– We’re starting to build our RV Pile.

Check out the full report HERE . . .


Uncommon Road: State of Uncommon April 2017


Awesome Jar

RV Fund

Fortunately, this RV Fund is still present and accounted for. Plus, we even have a number to toss out this month.


Check out the full report HERE . . .

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